Sample Session 1 U6


Sample Session 1 – U6


  • Footwork
    • Emphasis:  Balance & Agility / Field Awareness / Technical Skills
    • Coaching Points:  Both feet / Head up / Ball Close
    • Phase 1 - Grid to dribble in (20 yards by 20 yards)
      • Move how comfortable with the ball
      • Alternative right foot then left foot while walking
      • Inside of feet only
      • Perform a pullback
      • Hold a number of fingers in the air for the kids to note how many
    • Phase 2 - Games
      • Game 1 – 52 pickup:  Spread cones all over the field.  Kids need to dribble their ball to pick up as many cones as possible
      • Game 2 – Freeze Tag:  Half the kids have a ball and need to hit those without a ball to freeze them.  Coach then unfreezes the players.
      • Game 3 – Leap Frog:  Set kids in groups of 3 with 15 cones in front of them.  Person in the back dribbles between other players to the next available cone.  Repeat starting in the back.  Proceed to last cone.
      • Game 4 – Red Light / Green Light:  Players line up across the field and proceed to dribble, keeping the ball close, based on coach instructions of red light / green light.
      • Game 5 – Relay race:  Design you own course and keep teams to 3 players at most.  Make sure to incorporate at least half of the course to focus on ball work.
      • Advanced - Game 6 – Sharks and Minnows:  1 or 2 players without a ball need to capture one.  Player losing his/her ball needs to gain a new one from anyone except the person who took theirs.


  • Scrimmage (25x25 playing area with 4 goals)
    • Emphasis:  Proper dribbling and having fun
    • Coaching Points:  Both feet / Head up / Ball Close
      • Players defend only one goal and can score in any of the other 3
      • Coach should introduce new balls (no throw ins – corners – goal kicks).  Introduce a new ball to players lagging behind.
      • Keep score to encourage competition
    • Phase 2:
      • Remove neutral goals and play end to end
      • Stop play a few times to re-emphasize the coaching points.